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Air gun, other sharp weapons found in students’ possession at Lodge Secondary School

Air gun found in student's possession
Air gun found in student's possession

Police on Thursday conducted a search of the bags of students of the Lodge Secondary School upon entry after concerns about security at the school were raised by teachers and students. They told MTV News Update that they feared for their lives.

During the search, the ranks were able to retrieve an air gun, a knife, and a screwdriver from students. This was related to MTV News Update by Deputy Head Master (DHM) of the school Khemraj Sawh.

Sawh noted that “the police have taken them (the students) for investigations” to determine where they were able to access these weapons.

Knife and Screwdriver found in students' possession
Knife and Screwdriver found in students' possession

He highlighted that officials such as welfare officers and police are on the ground monitoring the situation.

Teachers attached to the secondary school on Wednesday downed tools because they did not feel safe.

The DHM had told MTV News Update yesterday that several students of the school are attached to a gang which goes by the name ‘L.A Team’ and over the last month they have constantly been making threats to teachers and students and have even abused them in some cases.

As a result of the presence of the police and welfare officials at the school now classes have returned to normal.


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