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20-year-old sex partner confesses to killing 53-year-old businessman

Dead: Vickram Seubarran

A 20-year-old male who shared a sexual relationship with 53-year-old Vickram Seubarran, who was found dead with a knife stuck in his back, has since confessed to the gruesome crime after being arrested along with three others.

Following his confession, the other three males were released from Police custody. According to a police source, during the interrogation, the suspect told investigators that he and the victim had a sexual relationship and he would frequent his home, and yesterday was no different.

The suspect revealed that he went over to the victim’s home, and they had a drink. Moments later, an argument ensued over sex. The suspect then admitted to arming himself with a knife, stabbing the deceased, and leaving.

MTV News Update understands that the suspect is originally from Fort Ordinance but resides in Betsy Ground, East Canje.

Earlier today, the body of Seubarran was found motionless in a pool of blood with a knife stuck in his back at his and No. 2 Village, East Canje Berbice’s home.

The discovery was made at about 6:00h by the deceased’s cousin, who was tasked with cleaning his home. Seubarran resides by himself and is said to be the proprietor of the Universal DVD Club in New Amsterdam.

The deceased’s brother, Dean Seubarran, had related that he was visiting his brother this morning when he saw his cousin rushing out of the yard screaming.

He said after calming down his cousin, he was told that his brother was in the house with an injury on his body.

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