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20-year-old labourer drowns in Essequibo River

Police are probing the alleged drowning of 20-year-old Nyron Parke, a labourer of Lot 31 Section ‘B’ Hype Park, East Bank Essequibo, which occurred on Sunday at about 08:30h.

Based on reports, at about 11:00h on Sunday, Parke, his employer, and other workers went to a work location at Manaka, Essequibo River, where they spent the entire night.

The following morning, at about 08:30h, everyone boarded a speed boat at Manaka en route to Parika. But before moving off, the now-dead man returned to the barge to collect his bag and did not return.

As a result, a search party went into action in the River, and the labourer's body was fished out of the River motionless.

Parke’s body was transported to Parika by the workers and was examined for marks of violence, but none was seen.

Notwithstanding, the body was escorted to the Ezekiel Funeral Home, awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.

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