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154 children graduate from NexGen Multi-Sport Summer Camp

Children being coached in golf at the NexGen summer camp (Photo: Aleem Hussain)

The NexGen GolFun Summer Camp concluded last weekend with a graduation ceremony and grand tournament where 154 children were rewarded for their activities over the past two weeks.

The third annual NexGen GolFun Summer Camp, while focused on golf for children aged 3 to18, allowed 154 children to engage in Golf, Table Tennis, Archery, Physical Fitness Challenges, Drone training, First Aid, and Self Defense classes.

One of the children engaged in self defence classes (Photo: Aleem Hussain)

Children from Lions, Scouts, PYARG, and Enmore Orphanage participated in these activities free of cost for a two-week period.

Guyana Open Golf Champion Avinda Ganguly Kishore attended the closing tournament where boys and girls copped prizes for the top three spots across five age divisions.

Top finishers for boys were; Andrew Rietema, Jermaine Newton, Elon Rickford, Delquan Peters and Ezekiel Haji. First place finishers for girls were; Isabela Shariff, Ameena Perreira, Ella Pierson and Solena Crum-Ewing.

High Commissioner of India to Guyana Dr. KJ Srinivasa, who was also one of the sponsors for the camp, was impressed with the response from children involved and committed to supporting the programme development in years to come.

Happy prize winners at the conclusion of the closing tournament (Photo: Aleem Hussain)

President of the Guyana Golf Association Aleem Hussain extended gratitude to the coaches and sponsors who’s support helped keep the programme running.


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