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Works moving apace for faster, more efficient healthcare in Guyana

GPHC (Photo: DPI)

The Minister of Health says the work currently being done through the Mount Sinai partnership, Guyana’s first electronic medical records system should be operational as early as next year.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony disclosed that works are moving apace for the establishment of electronic medical records and health informatic systems. This is part of a more comprehensive plan to establish a world class health care system in Guyana.

“We hope by sometime next year that we’ll be able to roll this out. What we envisage with such a system is that the patient, when they come to the doctor, their records will be available to that person. If they go and do an x-ray or a t-scan, those imaging would also be integrated in the patient’s record so when you go to visit your doctor, all the information is available.”

As the health system advances, there will be an integrated medical system where every citizen could have a smart card, and when the instrument is inserted at any health care facility countrywide, the patient’s detailed records could be retrieved.

Minister Anthony says this will reduce waiting time and make the overall medical process faster and more efficient since larger amounts of data can then be stored and retrieved readily.

“And when the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes medication for you, you’ll go over to the pharmacy and because the prescriptions will all be done electronically. It’s a very comprehensive system that we’re working on and our intention is to start with the hospitals and then roll that out to other medical facilities.


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