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Women’s Chamber seeks partnerships with international investors

WCCI President Rowena Elliott

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) is looking to secure partnerships with international investors to provide more opportunities for women in business.

WCCI’s President Rowena Elliott said the members of the Chamber are capable and ready to contribute to partnerships that will add value to their businesses as well as the economy.

“Engage the Women’s Chamber, and you may find that we do have persons that are investor-ready or partnership ready. As it relates to having a push for equality, not just come to say there is a profit margin here. There are capable businesses here and capable women who are ready to receive any sort of investments and partnership agreements,” Elliott said, highlighting that over 100 persons are registered with the Women’s Chamber.

Elliott added that Guyana’s booming oil sector had boosted growth and opportunities in a number of sectors, noting that women within the Chamber have benefitted in agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and hospitality industries.

She attributed this boom partly to the local content legislation that places Guyanese in a better position to secure partnerships with international investors.

To this end, the WCCI’s President hopes to partner with other Business Support Organisations (BSOs). She believes everyone has a role to play in creating more opportunities for women within the business landscape.

WCCI was established to be a voice and advocate for women in business in Guyana. It aims to create a network locally and regionally to support and provide opportunities for women-led and women-owned businesses.


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