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Wakenaam rice farmers to soon get dryer and storage bond-NDC Chairman

The Wakenaam drying floor- a ground where farmers transport their paddy to dry will soon be upgraded with a dryer and a storage bond. This was revealed by Chairman of the Wakenaam NDC, Tareeq Ahmad in a recent interview with MTV News Update.

Ahmad said currently about 400 rice farmers use the current drying floor but the space is utilised based on its availability. However, when the dryer and storage bond comes into play, more people will be able to benefit from this initiative as work will be done in a faster and more efficient manner.

When asked on how soon these new equipment will be available, Ahmad said this depends on the Ministry of Agriculture.

“It’s based on how the Ministry of Agriculture prioritise their money because Guyana is a large country. Right now we are thankful to have the drying floor at least,” he said.

The land for the drying floor was given by the Ministry of Agriculture as a donation from Toolsie Persaud Ltd. The drying floor is free and available to all farmers in Wakenaam. Rice farming is one of the main economic activities in Wakenaam.

This space is also being used as a dump site for paddy. Trucks then come and pick up the refuse. Ahmad related that farmers are thankful for this space as it makes their trade easier.

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