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Victories for Guyana in Suriname Independence Online Blitz event

Jessica Callender was the top finisher for Guyana in the tournament (Photo: 44th Chess Olympiad_Round_10_Mark Livshitz_FIDE)

Fide Master Anthony Drayton, Jessica Callender, and Landon Mohabir managed to amass victories for Guyana among 60 competitors from Suriname and across the Caribbean in the Srefidensi Online International Blitz Tournament.

The tournament was split into two divisions, a Master Class division restricted to players rated above 1750 and a Challenger Class open to everyone who does not meet this requirement.

Challenger Class

Callender was the Best Female player in this division and the top finisher for Guyana, in ninth place overall after earning five points from seven rounds. She was Guyana’s only female competitor in the event.

Young Julian Mohabir won Best Under 10 in the tournament with three points.

Julian Mohabir (Photo: GCF)

Guyana also saw exceptional performances from Roberto Neto (19th on 4 points), Kyle Couchman (26th on 3.5 points), Owen Mickle (34th on 3 points), and Landon Mohabir (49th on 1.5 points).

Master Class

Guyana’s only competitor in this division was FM Drayton (2.5 points), who came away with the prize for Best under 2100 rated player and finished sixth overall in this division.

Anthony Drayton (Photo Credit Khushal Lam)

Stage One of the tournament was held on November 19 and 20 and featured 60 competitors across Guyana, Suriname, Dominica, Barbados, Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, and Jamaica.

The event was hosted by the Surinamese Chess Federation (De Surinaamse Schaakbond). It is an annual event commemorating the anniversary of Suriname gaining its independence from the Netherlands on November 25, 1975. Srefidensi translates as Independence.

This year's event features a special Stage Two, where the top two male and top two female finishers across the Caribbean will face off as a team against China in December. The second stage will be organised by the Chinese Chess Association.

As the best woman at the conclusion of the event, Callender will compete for the Caribbean in this team which also features Cuban Grand Master Jimenez Luis Lazaro Aguero, Barbadian International Master Orlando Husbands, and Surinamese Women’s Fide Master Catherine Kaslan.

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