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Two remanded prisoners escape custody during transfer to Lusignan Prison

L-R: Kareem Douglas and Keon Webster

Two prisoners escaped from Police custody while being transferred from the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to the Lusignan Prison on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) on Monday.

The escapees have been identified as Keon Webster, a 31-year-old bus driver, and Kareem Douglas, a 23-year-old taxi driver, both charged with simple larceny.

A statement by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) said that two ranks from the Brickdam Police Station left the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court escorting three remanded prisoners in a Force motor vehicle.

On arrival at the Lusignan Prison on the East Coast of Demerara, one of the ranks reversed the vehicle to the entrance of the ‘reception gate.’

He and the other rank exited the vehicle and opened the door; at this point, a prisoner exited the vehicle and walked into the entrance.

However, Webster and Douglas, who were handcuffed together, seized the opportunity to flee, running north towards the public road.

Prison Service ranks and police officers gave chase, but the two prisoners managed to evade capture by running west through the prison farm and splitting up in different directions. An alarm was raised, and a joint search party was immediately dispatched to locate the escaped prisoners.

The statement added that CCTV footage from the prison is currently being reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. Additionally, the two police ranks responsible for escorting the prisoners are under close arrest as authorities work to determine the circumstances surrounding the escape.


Efforts to locate and apprehend Webster and Douglas are ongoing, with law enforcement agencies urging anyone with information regarding their whereabouts to come forward.


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