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Two nabbed with $1.6M worth of ganja in Berbice

L-R: Prince Todd and Kevon Sandy [Photo: CANU/June 21]

Two males were arrested on Tuesday by ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) after being intercepted with $1.6 million worth of marijuana at Sandvoort, West Canje, Berbice.

During an operation in the area, CANU said that two men were seen with a bulgy salt bag in their possession. A search was carried out on the bag, which, when opened, had three parcels of suspected cannabis.

The three parcels of suspected cannabis [Photo: CANU/June 21, 2022]

Kevon Sandy, 20, of Republic Drive, West Canje, Berbice, and Prince Todd, 20, of Sandvoort, West Canje, Berbice, were arrested and escorted to CANU’s Headquarters, along with the suspected narcotics.

The three parcels amounted to 5.33 kilograms, with a street value of approximately $1.6 million. Investigations are ongoing.


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