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Two die following Corentyne accident

Two Black Bush Polder families were plunged into a state of mourning following the death of their loved ones who were the driver and passenger of minibus BFF 7363 that crashed into a parked truck on the Kiltearn Public Road after midnight.

Those killed are 55 year old Yusuf Ali of Johanna North Black Bush Polder and a friend of his whose name is unknown at this time.

An eyewitness, Charmaine Patterson, told reporters at the scene that she was in her bed when she heard a loud explosion and ventured outside her room to investigate. Patterson said she heard a neighbour shout that a bus crashed into the truck and she ran out the house to render assistance.

“When we come out the bus de fasten on the truck deh and them boys hoist out the one man and put him across the road deh and we didn't getting anything to carry he to the hospital but eventually a boy over deh carry him but we ain't know if he make it what but the other one here was already dead”

Ali's father, Nadir related that he got the dreadful news after 01:00 hours this morning and immediately rushed to the scene with other relatives. He clarified that from all indications, his son was not driving the bus at the time as he was intoxicated and was sleeping in the vehicle. He noted that the other man who died in the accident was taken out of the driver’s seat following the accident

Ali was a rice farmer and a father of three who are currently residing overseas with their mother.

Meanwhile, reports are that a quality of jewellery was removed from the accident victims including a cellular phone.

Investigations are ongoing.


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