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Trio committed to stand trial for the murder of Canadian citizen

Updated: May 27, 2022

Dead - Nicholas Jaipaul

Three men, who were charged in 2020 with the murder of Canadian citizen, Nicholas Jaipaul, were today committed to stand trial at the High Court in Berbice by Magistrate Alex Moore.

Aszim Shivgobin, called ‘Blackie’

Charran Sewdhan, also known as “Vickey,” Aszim Shivgobin, also known as “Blackie” and Moonasar Beharry, also known as “Brick head,” was before the Springlands Magistrate’s Court, where the Preliminary Inquiry was conducted for the offence which alleged that between August 16 and 20 at Moleson Creek, they murdered Jaipaul.

Monasar Beharry, called ‘Brickhead’

Today, Magistrate Moore ruled that based on the evidence, a sufficient case was made out against the trio for them to stand trial at the next practical sitting of the Demerara Assizes.

The charred remains of Jaipaul were found on August 20 at Moleson Creek, Corentyne, Berbice – a few days after he was reported missing by his grandfather, with whom he was staying.

Reports are that the young man was abducted, strangled to death and his body burnt with truck tyres.

Charran Shedhan, called ‘Vickey’

Jaipaul had arrived in Guyana in March 2020 and was slated to return home in May of that year but was unable to do so due to the closure of the borders amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He stayed with his 86-year-old grandfather, Ramkissoon Jaipaul.

The pensioner reported that the last time he saw his grandson was just before he retired to bed on the evening of August 16.

This was during the countrywide power outage. The elderly man explained that he got out of bed and lit two lamps – one of which he gave his grandson, and he returned to bed.

Upon waking up the following day, he realised that his grandson was missing.

The elderly man revealed that he received a telephone call that morning, where the caller claimed that he had kidnapped his grandson and was demanding a ransom of $50 million.

Reports indicate that the young man was murdered as revenge against his grandfather concerning a court matter over rice lands.


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