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Tinting front windscreen is ‘very dangerous’ – Traffic Chief warns

Traffic Chief Superintendent Dennis Stephen is reminding road users that tinting their windscreens is very dangerous, especially during the night and the rainy season. “It may have some issues with the person’s sight,” the superintendent highlighted. Speaking during a programme of ‘Police and You’, the Traffic Chief said there is not a ban on tint but road users must first seek the relevant permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs. “Our laws indicated that there is not a ban on tint but the ban on percentage […] our laws indicate that the driver also the occupants must be visible, the police must be able to identify the occupants,” he explained. According to the Traffic Chief, the traffic department is currently conducting exercises to identify persons without tint permits. “For persons, who are placing tint on their vehicle without the relevant authority permission, we’re having exercises and we’d be able to address those situations.” According to the Traffic, as long as the permits are issued to road users, the traffic ranks would not intercept anyone.


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