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“There are other exhibitions for other sectors” - Croal following negative feedback on building expo

Preparations ongoing at National Stadium for Building Expo. [Photo: Adrian Narine]

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal spoke with MTV News Update on Friday where he related that there have been negative comments on the building expo from exhibitors in other sectors.

Croal explained that the International Building Expo 2022 is strictly for infrastructure, construction, and housing.

However, he revealed that some exhibitors in sectors such a agriculture are trying to showcase their products at this expo.

“Guyana has a number of exhibitors and some of them have been expressing some negatives or some gripes [...] But I want to say to the members of the public and to exhibitors, Guyana has a number of exhibitions that will be hosted periodically,” the housing minister expressed.

He went on to say that this has a particular focus and so they cannot be facilitated.

“Each exhibition has a particular target of what it wants to bring out and so sometimes you’ll not be able to accommodate anyone who wants to exhibit a product. It has to be relevant too.”

The 2022 International Building Expo is set to return from July 22 to 24.

Individuals who wish to attend the exposition with their families are encouraged as there will be a kids corner at the event.

“I wanna let patrons, because we are encouraging families, it’s fine and so we have an area for the children, we have a play area and we also must of course have the food confectionary too […] everyone can be accommodated.”

Over 300 exhibitors have been registered and of those, 25 are international exhibitors from countries like Barbados, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America, and Canada among others.

The Minister said he is very excited about this exposition.


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