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Tenders for electronic single window platform to open by month end – Croal

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal. (Credit: MOH&W)

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal says work on the Electronic Single Window System is at an advanced stage and will soon move to phase one. He spoke exclusively with MTV’s News Update on this initiative recently.

“In this first phase we’ll see us investing very shortly, before the month is finished, we’ll go out to tender and that is for the electronic platform,” Minister Croal said.

When the Single Window System comes on stream, it will ease the inconvenience caused by the current paper based system for business owners coming to Guyana.

With the current system when an individual is applying for a permit to construct buildings, they would have to go through a process that involves the NDCs, municipalities, the Guyana Fire Service, Central Housing and Planning Authority, Environmental Protection Agency before they can start construction which can be time consuming and often results in delays.

However, with works advancing on the Electronic Single Window System Legislation and platform, it should alleviate these issues. Minister Croal also noted that recommendations have been sought from consultants. “It will have major aspects of modernisation, but we haven’t reached to that aspect of that legislation of bringing that legislation to parliament. There are other aspects of the work that are ongoing.”

Minister Croal in a past interview had said applicants can apply from anywhere in the world and they can know the status of their application once the system comes on stream in Guyana.


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