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Teaching block at Hosororo Secondary School 35% complete

The Hosororo Secondary School, which is under construction [Photo: Ministry of Education]

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand recently visited Hosororo Secondary School to inspect the progress of the ongoing construction work. The site development, including road access and drainage, has been completed, and prefabricated structures for teachers’ quarters have also been finished.

Minister Manickchand reviewed the teaching block, currently 35 per cent complete, and commended the efforts of the 43 skilled and semi-skilled local workers from Hosororo, emphasising the project’s role in boosting local employment and enhancing educational infrastructure.

GR Engineering, which is responsible for the construction of the school, was awarded the contract following a bidding process outlined in the Public Procurement Act.

The new school will feature 40 classrooms across two blocks, accommodating up to 800 students. The Hosororo Secondary School is part of a broader initiative to improve education facilities across the region.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand on the construction site [Photo: Ministry of Education]

The school’s contract was signed as part of a $2.1 billion investment in educational development, which includes projects in other areas such as Tuschen. The completed facility will provide modern educational amenities, supporting the academic growth of the students in the region.

Minister Manickchand highlighted the importance of this project, noting that investing in educational infrastructure is investing in the future and that the Hosororo Secondary School will provide the necessary environment for our students to excel.

This initiative aligns with the Ministry’s commitment to fostering educational excellence and accessibility.

As the project progresses, the anticipation within the Hosororo community grows, with the new school poised to make a significant impact on local education.

The Hosororo Secondary School is one of five schools being constructed in Region One. The others are North West, Kwebanna, Matthew’s Ridge, and Waramuri.


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