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Take the allegations of bribery to the police - Jagdeo

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.

Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo is encouraging persons who have allegations of government officials taking bribes in return for government service, to take these claims to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for an investigation. “Actually, I think those people who said they had…I think the police should ask them about because if they had to pay for any bribe, the police should ask them about it. The ones who were saying this is in the video" "If there is any evidence of wrongdoing in there and they claim had to pay someone, then that’s the matter for the police," Jagdeo said to media representatives during a press conference on Tuesday. Vice News, a United States based media entity on Sunday streamed an ‘undercover’ documentary titled ‘Guyana For Sale’, and in that documentary, a number of Chinese nationals claimed that the only connection that they need was 'money' . Su Zhi Rong, who is a tenant of the Vice President and according to Jagdeo 'a friend', had made allegations that Jagdeo takes bribes in exchange for big government projects to persons who pay the 'processing fee'. These allegations have since been rubbished and shut down by Vice President Jagdeo.

President Irfaan Ali had also stated following the release of the two hour long interview by the Reporter Isobel Yeung some months ago, that his government was "above board". When asked by Reporters on Tuesday if these persons with these allegations should come forward, Jagdeo said, “They should come forward, anybody who has had to pay anybody for a service in government, then why not come forward now, come now and now state to the police, state this clearly. Take it to the police, that is what they should do and including Norton and the others."


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