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Table Tennis being introduced to Primary School students across Guyana

Students from Holy Name Primary School engaged in the programme (Photo: Linden Johnson)

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with the National Sports Commission is currently conducting a nationwide programme to bring the sport of table tennis to Primary School students.

Karrau Creek Primary School (Photo: Linden Johnson)

This developmental table tennis programme targets young people who have not had any prior exposure to the sport.

Potato Primary School (Photo: Linden Johnson)

This programme is currently ongoing among nine schools in Region 7, with approximately 12 students from each school engaged in training.

This is being facilitated by National Coach Linden Johnson, with the assistance of Timothy Cornelius, President of the Bartica Table Tennis Steering Committee, and coordinated by Mark Ambrose of the Department of Education.

The programme is being facilitated by the Region’s Education District under the theme – “Breaking Down Barriers with Table Tennis Balls in a Fun Way”.

Itaballi and Kartabo Primary Schools (Photo: Linden Johnson)

It aims to develop and improve the level of Table Tennis in schools and to create an integrated coaching programme that incorporate the coach education and player’s development.

Coach Johnson expressed that learners can cultivate their ability to coordinate between their brain, hands, eyes, and feet, which is essential for the development of their speed, coordination, reflexes, endurance, flexibility, agility, and general physical ability.

St John the Baptist Primary School (Photo: Linden Johnson)

The programme will also be conducted in Essequibo, Linden, Berbice, West Demerara, and Region 4.

St Anthony's Primary School (Photo: Linden Johnson)

At the end of this, top players from around the country will benefit from training in a National Camp, to be held around July/August this year.


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