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Superintendent who instructed ranks to follow Opposition leader likely to face disciplinary charge

Superintendent Alistair Roberts earlier last month instructed junior ranks to follow Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton.

It is because of this incident that legal advice was sought and was returned today recommending that Roberts "be charged with the offence of acting in a manner likely to bring discredit on the reputation of the Force, *Contrary to Section 4(d) (vii) of the Police (Discipline) Act, Chapter 17:01*, in relation to giving his Junior Ranks instructions to escort the Leader of the Opposition and not being truthful about it."

The ranks followed Norton up to his home after he visited the family of Quindon Bacchus who was fatally shot by a police officer.

Norton was not happy about this sitúation and had hinted about writing to the police force over his dissatisfaction but was assured that he would not receive any satisfaction.


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