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-Says business has ‘been slow’


Vendors of the Stabroek Market are blaming the increase in prices of green goods on the impacts the recent flood has had on crops.

"Prices gone up because the flood hambug a lot of things and people got to now and soon as the rain come down you frighten the flood because plenty people ain’t planting because the place low and ain't got drain. You got cabbage you got ochra you got all the price gone up because the climate we dealing with"

Said one vendor.

"It is because of the rain a lot of green gone up well right now Boulenger these size I have for 500 it gone up I don’t know why but I never sell plantain for 260 and now I have to because we buy it dare"

Said another vendor.

Another vendor added,

"Well when the rain fall you get nuff flood yeah water a raise high and you lose nuff crop"

This increase the vendor said has resulted in a slow down of sales.

"It's slow because I lost a lot of things right no wi start planting back but you planting you watching the rain you ain’t know how the climate go preform so you just praying everything go right so you can get something to keep live going..."
"When the wholesaler leff you you ain't got no money cause the people ain't want pay the money you call the people ain’t want pay 200 because they say it too dare you deh got to face the people call more money and the people ga vex with you because you calling too much money a pound of potato is 250 you buying for 200 and sometime don’t make that 50."
"The road tight it hard things na push like before nuff thing throw way too you can’t sell all’’

According to the Food and Agriculture Organizations, Guyana is not the only country which has seen an increase in price of goods.

The FAO in a report said the pandemic has had an effect on supply resulting in the increase.


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