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SSYDR inks MOU to provide scholarships for vulnerable youths

US company AdRetreaver has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Guyanese not-for-profit SSYDR Inc. to provide scholarships to vulnerable youth who want to pursue studies in Mathematics and Computer related fields at the University of Guyana.

SSYDR Inc. “Specialists in Sustained Youth Development and Research,” has inked a MOU that will see youths across Guyana benefit from a University Education they may have otherwise not been able to afford, despite being academically capable of pursuing.

Through support from the US-based company AdRetreaver, students will be supported annually to pursue studies in areas related to computer science and mathematics.

Founder/Executive Director at SSYDR Magda Griffith-France says youths the organisation has worked with over the past few years from low-performing schools will be the main recipients of the scholarships.

“We work with youth in Regions One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Ten. The youths would have had to have gained entry into the University of Guyana. What we would do, or rather what AdRetreaver would do, is pay their University fees yearly. Of course, they (the scholarship recipient) would have to maintain at least an overall B average to be able to get it.”

SSYDR is a not-for-profit created to mobilise, train and prepare youth for economic and social development.

SSYDR youths will benefit substantially in key areas of capacity development to fill important labour market gaps and advance critical innovation sectors to grow the Guyanese economy further.

(L-R) SSYDR Inc. Founder/Executive Director Magda Fiona Griffith-France, AdRetreaver LLC CEO Cheddi Rai at signing of MoU in Miami Florida

AdRetreaver LLC is a company that creates dynamic products that allow future forward brands to be aware of their need once given the opportunity to place it in front of them.

“AdRetreaver is excited to partner with SSYDR in helping further the education of Guyana’s youth. We’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have in the near future,” said CEO Cheddi Rai.

This partnership reflects stronger NGO-Private Sector cooperation between Guyana and the United States of America in providing opportunities for the advancement of youths.

Additionally, Griffith-France says there are possibilities for students to gain work with AdRetreaver upon completion of their university programmes.

“Because of that, there’s a possibility of youths here being able to do… you know, some bit of work here. We have spoken about that, and one of the focus is to ensure that once they have completed and been successful, they are able to seek out opportunities. Simply because what we do at SSYDR is training and linkages to opportunities.”

SSYDR Inc. has as its vision “Inspired Youth transforming themselves, their communities, their nation” and has a mission to “promote youth access to resources, opportunities, and ongoing support for lifelong learning, leadership, and livelihoods towards the reduction of violence, crime, and poverty.”

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