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Simon’s Annual Memorial Cricket Tournament launched

The Essequibo Cricket Board has launched the annual Simon’s Memorial Cricket Tournament, slated to begin this Saturday.

An annual tournament hosted by the Simon’s Family has recently been launched at Imam Bacchus Library, and will be coordinated by the Central Essequibo Cricket Committee.

Cricketers will compete in the 40-Overs Under-15, 40-Overs Under-19, T20 Open and the T20 Over 40 maters categories.

All interested teams are asked to walk with their registration fee along with their list of players on Saturday, 12 February.

Under 15 and Under 19 players are exempt from registration fees.

At the launch of the Simons’s Memorial Cricket Competition, President Deleep Singh noted that it is a wonderful contribution to Essequibo Coast Cricket and he is hopeful that this can be extended beyond the Coast and to other area committees in the future.

Singh also noted the importance of inclusivity and reminded that his plan is to visit all area committees and gave the assurance that his administration will be working with all stakeholders in moving cricket in a forward direction.

Deleep Singh was unanimously elected as President just over a month ago.

He indicated that at a special meeting is to be held on the 20th February, his executives will meet to amend the constitution.

This will allow the ECB to have two additional Vice Presidents, one from Bartica and the other from East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee.

Another major goal he is working towards is establishing at least one top cricket ground and indoor facility in each area committee so that players can have the best facilities to practice as they develop their talent.

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