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Several sick children to receive treatment in India through Three Rivers Foundation

Some children and parents who will be departing for India in a few months

About a dozen sick children who cannot be treated in Guyana will be taken to India next year by the Three Rivers Kids Foundation, after three years of being unable to travel.

The Three Rivers Kids Foundation is a Canada based charity registered in Guyana since 2008 to assist under-privileged children in need of “life saving” medical treatment.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has fully-funded treatment in India for about 200 Guyanese children.

President of the Foundation, Jeanette Singh says the next batch of children will be travelling in March 2023.

“These are repetitive, I call them repetitive children because they’ve got different medical conditions that have to be followed up in India and we’ve got a lot of new patients. Most of them are cardiac cases…who cannot be treated here. We’re taking about 4 or 5 cardiac cases.”

Guyana does not have any paediatric cardiac surgeons and lacks many medical specialists and facilities.

This batch also includes children who will now be receiving treatment at the Asian Institute of Medical Science in India.

“We’ve got a young girl. She’s got something called keratoconus. We’ve done corneal transplants on both her eyes so she needs yearly follow-up. We’ve got another boy who’s got just a tiny part of the kidney functioning. He has to have yearly follow up. “

These trips were conducted annually prior to the pandemic but for the past three years, no children were able to go to India due to closed borders and travel restrictions.


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