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Second Guyanese tests positive for Monkeypox

Just one week after Guyana diagnosed a 57 year old male from Region four, a second Monkeypox case has been confirmed in Guyana.

The Health Minister made this announcement during today's Covid Update.

“So we have diagnosed a second person with Monkeypox. That person is now at the Ocean View Hospital receiving treatment. The person is stable and we have started doing contact tracing for that person. So Guyana now has its second case of Monkeypox.”

He offered no further details on the patient.

The Health Minister urged persons to continue following precautions to keep themselves safe.

“Once you’re next to somebody who is infected with monkeypox, especially in the period when they have skin rashes and postules, if you’re in close contact with that person and you’ve have touched that person or you’ve been cleaning these postules without any protective gear like gloves and things like that, then chances are – you are going to get infected.”

Minister Anthony also encouraged persons to continue reporting suspicious rashes or symptoms to local health authorities.


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