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Screening services to be introduced in schools to prevent learning loss, detect health issues

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Education are currently developing a ‘package of services’ to be offered to students at different levels in school.

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony during a recent COVID-19 update explained these services would include ophthalmology, audiology, and dental services among other basic screenings. 

This, the Minister of Health said will help tackle learning loss that is currently being experienced across the country.


Learning loss is described as the loss of knowledge and skills that students experience when they are not in school.

“If we detect children with these kinds of challenges we’d be able to fix it.”

“Sometimes children are in the classroom and they are not learning properly because they have some for disability, whether hearing, not seeing and so forth. Once these things are corrected early, we can prevent a lot of learning loss,” Dr. Anthony added.

According to the Health Minister, the ministries are planning to have these services provided for children who are now coming into primary level as well as the secondary level.

“The Ministry right now is developing a package of services that we want to offer to school children and we’re collaborating with the Ministry of Education to roll this out so hopefully over the next couple of months, we’ll start introducing this type of programme.”

Timings and the dates for the roll out of the programme is currently being worked out. 

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