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“Sanitation” will be priority once Mon Repos market is completed- Min Dharamlall

Approximately $100M will be invested for the second phase completion of the ‘eye sore’ Mon Repos market. This was revealed by Local Government Minister, Nigel Dharamall who said once the bid is received a contract will be awarded.

According to Minister Dharamlall, the second phase project will entail a number of enhancement works and once completed, sanitation will be a priority.

Citizens for some time complained about poor sanitation at the market.

“Our intention is to build steel sheds over the entire market and to enhance sanitation, build office spaces, segment the market into different segments. We have to do better at solid waste management at that market,” Dharamlall said.

To this end, Minister Dharamlall is urging the vendors and shoppers to dispose of their waste properly.

Minister Dharamlall has also assured the work would not disturb the vendors from plying their trade.

He explained, much of the work will be prefabricated.

“It means we are not going to deconstruct the market, what we will do is we have a design where we will build the market and then install it.”

Works on the first phase includes the rehabilitation of fences, expansion of washrooms and drainage. This phase was awarded to Mohamed Rahim and Sons and is valued at $63M.


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