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Sand trucks to operate from new East Bank location soon

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill and Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar, while engaging the sand truck owners and operators

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill and Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar on Saturday met with sand truck owners and operators, who ply their trade in the vicinity of DSL Cash and Carry at Industrial Site, East Bank Demerara to discuss relocation from their current operating space.

Edghill and Indar engaged the drivers, relaying the complaints of businesses that have been affected by them operating in the Industrial Site area, as well as the danger of them operating from the side of the East Bank Road.

“Our engagement with you today is to see how we can get an arrangement work out. We know a lot of households are depending on you, and people in construction are depending on you, but relocation is a must, and with this relocation, we can guarantee that everyone will know where to find you, your work will not be hindered, we will put that out there, everyone will know where to find you,” Minister Edghill guaranteed the truckers.

“I spoke with President Ali as well, and he said to engage you to get a temporary location until we get a more permanent space for you,” Minister Indar added.

Meanwhile, with both sides agreeing that an alternative is urgently needed, the outer parking lot of the Guyana National Stadium, which entry is from ‘Red Road,’ has been identified.

“There is a parking lot between here (the Stadium) and the Princess Hotel, we can get that open and situated for you so that you can come and park and sell your sand. Minister Indar has already engaged the Minister of Culture Youth and Sports on the matter, and he has given the go-ahead,” Minister Edghill stated.

A Ministry of Public Works team will visit the area in the coming days to ensure the parking lot is cleared and outfitted to accommodate the trucks.

The Ministers will also meet with the taxi drivers plying their trade from the parking facility's main entrance to discuss relocation.

Besides, vendors operating from the side of the road just outside the parking lot are also on the schedule. Approximately 15 sand truck operators/ drivers attended today’s meeting. (Ministry of Public Works press release)


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