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Response to Hep C programme has been ‘fairly good’ – Health Minister

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony said persons have already started accessing the Hepatitis C treatment that is being provided by the government, free of cost at the National Care and Treatment Centre.

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) last month launched the Guyana Hepatitis C Treatment Programme and the response so far has been ‘good’.

Dr. Anthony, told MTV News Update earlier this week that the ministry has been calling up persons who would have been diagnosed to receive treatment.

Minister Anthony revealed that quite a few people have already started accessing treatment.

There is also a process that has to be followed to ensure these persons are getting rid of this virus. “Once they complete the course of treatment, we bring them back for an evaluation where we test them to make sure that they’re free from Hep. C and then after that follow up, and once everything is okay, they will resume to their normal life,” he explained. Persons who feel they have been infected with the virus can also access free treatment at the National Care and Treatment Centre, located on Thomas Street, Georgetown. The Health Minister added, “We’ve been identifying patients from those who come to us for dialysis, those who come to do blood donation among STI patients that would come for treatment.” With the assistance of PAHO, the government is purchasing Hep C medications at a cost of US$160 per patient, a reduction from the original cost of US$2,000 per patient.

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