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Residents say Eccles/Ramsburg NDC not performing effectively, stage picketing exercise

Some of the residents who picketed the NDC

Residents of Eccles and its surrounding environs are alleging the Eccles/ Ramsburg Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has continuously neglected their complaints and is not maintaining the surrounding area.

The alleged negligence led to the residents staging a small picketing exercise outside the NDC’s office on Wednesday.

“This is very distressing because when we have a disaster or anything, nobody come around to see us. We had a flood last week, and the residents are out here because we suffer a lot […]. They really don’t do no kind of work school children all crossing on a broken bridge,” Washdi Fredicks said.

“These people hiding, the koker door was broken once it was worse,” another resident added.

Meanwhile, Zifa Esha said, “All the kokers, the sluice, and everything should have maintenance work. Whoever is there operating it should report to the authorities if there is any fault because this is so hard. We have a trench at the back we need it to be done so that they can take off some of the water cause as soon as high tide and rainfall, we get flood.”

Several other residents who opted to stay off camera also related that they have continuously voiced their concerns and even provided possible solutions and evidence to back up their concerns, all to no avail.

Efforts to get a comment from the NDC Chairman have proven futile up to press time.


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