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Refugees receive certificates in vocational skills to assist them in opening micro enterprises

Several migrants from Venezuela situated in Mabaruma recently graduated with vocational skills that were offered by the Guyana Foundation in collaboration with the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR).

A Participant receives a certificate from the Founder of the Guyana Foundation, Supriyah Singh-Bodden.

The founder of the Guyana Foundation told News Update that the main objective was to assist women to gain skill sets so that would be able to open micro-enterprises in food for survival.

“There are hundreds of hundreds of children there in the mix-up and these women just leave their children in these camps and go to Port Kaituma and they simply have to prostitute themselves to get money,” Bodden explained. These women were trained in catering, making pastries, making juices among others. The training commenced in December 2021 and they graduated and received their certificates during this weekend. “We even taught them how to do some of their own stuff like arepas so that if they get sold in the market place then they could at least ply their trade and offer things that are Venezuelan, different to Guyanese but it might sell because it’s different.”

The participants have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to improve their skillsets.


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