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Record breaking participation as “Teach them young” swim programme officially opens

Sport Minister leading warm-up drill for children in attendance

The Ministry of Sport and National Sports Commission officially launched their free summer swim camp which will allow a record breaking over 1500 children the chance to learn how to swim.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and National Sports Commission’s annual “Teach them young” swimming programme was officially declared open early on Monday at the National Aquatic Centre.

This camp sees the largest ever participation for any Ministry sponsored sport programme with over 1500 children registered. This also more than triples the amount of youths that participated in the two-week Easter swim camp earlier this year.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Junior, speaking at the official opening of the ceremony, highlighted the importance of the country’s top swimming facility being utilised for this programme.

Minister of Sport Charles Ramson Junior

“Now swimming here today, which is at the Aquatic Centre, was also a vision. A vision that was implemented by a previous president. This facility that you have here, which is being used every day, was built by our Vice President back then, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo. We are now getting the opportunity to really harness the potential of these facilities by the implementation of these programmes.”

The camp was officially opened with the Hon. Sport Minister leading a warm-up drill for the children in attendance. This camp caters for children aged nine to 18, with sessions being held daily from July 18 to August 12.

Dwayne Scott, President of the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association.

GASA President Dwayne Scott

“This programme is really working to bring to a new group of people the basics of a life skill which is swimming. We don’t expect that everyone will become competitors.”

“Coming out of this programme we will see a new bunch of people being interested in the sport, perhaps taking up the sport as a habit and at some point becoming competitive swimmers.”

The camp will be extended to Berbice and Linden in the near future as well.

Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle said safety will be a priority at the Ministry sponsored free summer programme.

Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle

“I would urge the coaches to let safety be our watch word. In Easter, we would have had for the first time an ambulance being present throughout the programme. This will be done for this programme also. Because we want to make sure that when you would send your young ones out, you can rest your heart assured that they will be well taken care of.”

Parents were also encouraged to accompany their children for as many training sessions as they would like.


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