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Ramjattan wants Mustapha to sack Guysuco CEO since he does not want to resign

-Says CEO knows nothing about sugar

Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan on Friday again called for GUYSUCO‘s Chief Executive Officer, Sasenarine Singh to go. This time Ramjattan said the Minister of Agriculture must intervene and sack the CEO who he believes “knows nothing about sugar.” According to Ramjattan, it is clear at this point that Singh has no intention to resign, therefore Mustapha must step in.

“It appears as though he is not going to resign, so it is incumbent then on the Government of Guyana and especially the Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha to literally sack him,” he told a press conference.

Ramjattan said still having Singh on board “is like throwing salt in that sector […] because Sase knows nothing about sugar quite frankly and all the propaganda he is going to put there is not going to turn that sector around.”

According to Ramjattan GuySuco has continuously failed to meet their goal and he believes the solution to turn GuySuco “around” is to have a “continuation of the right sizing and probably even a right sizing of GuySuco.”

He added that it is quite clear that no one wants Singh to stay in power because the actions are being demonstrated even up to the employee levels. Workers have not been showing up to work at a number of factories to show their rebellion against Singh.

Additionally, GAWU has voiced concerns several times about Singh’s leadership and has called for him to resign. However, he has not done so as yet and it is not quite clear whether he will do so even as pressure continues to mounts against him. However, President Irfaan Ali is expected to meet with GuySuco’s management shortly.

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