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Ramdhani siblings aim for Commonwealth games

The Guyana Badminton Association is currently eyeing the Commonwealth games as a major international engagement for 2022, with hopes that Narayan and Priyanna Ramdhani will qualify.

Both Priyanna Ramdhani and her brother Narayan Ramdhani have been hard at work training in hopes of qualifying for mixed doubles and singles events in this year’s Commonwealth games.

Emelia Ramdhani, Secretary at the Guyana Badminton Association notes that this is the major international engagement the association is aiming for this year.

“For this year that would be the commonwealth games. It’s in July. We hope that Narayan Ramdhani and Priyanna Ramdhani qualify but we’ll know in the coming months.”

she noted.

The commonwealth games are set to take place from 28 July to 8 August. Players qualification depends on their international ranking.

Priyanna Ramdhani has so far been conducting her preparation locally.

“From the 20th I’ll be training in Canada with my brother Narayan Ramdhani. Later on I’m hoping to qualify for the commonwealth games, hopefully I’ll be selected. It should be a good tournament and I’m looking forward to participating in England, Birmingham because I’ve never been to that side of the world and it should be a good experience.”

She noted.

While Priyanna has never competed in the games, Narayan took part in the most recent edition of the games held in Australia.

The badminton association also plans to run off their usual calendar year of local events, as long as the National Covid-19 task force permits these events as safe.

They hope to serve off with the GUMDAC doubles tournament next month.


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