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Public Service Commission cleared backlog of more than 300 issues

Manniram Prashad [Photo: DPI]

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has cleared a backlog of more than 300 issues that were pending before it took office in July 2023.

The Commission’s Chairman, Manniram Prashad, disclosed this while speaking recently at the launch of the Public/Police Service Commission Website.

“Within a mere six months, the commission successfully cleared a two-year backlog of work of over 300, and some issues were there pending because there were no Commission earlier. Our Commissioners worked beyond the call of duty to get up to scratch, and I can tell you, as of today, there is no backlog,” he stated.

He also lamented the discrepancies in the operations of the previous Commission.

“The last commission issued only one vacancy circular on the 27th of June 2019 for its entire three years […] just one vacancy circular, that commission spent over three million dollars to pay a few retired education officers to do shortlisting for the ministry of education only.

Interviews were conducted with shortlisted candidates, and a few appointments were made, but it didn’t end there; qualified candidates were listed as unqualified and were not short-listed and interviewed, persons were offered positions that they did not apply for, total chaos,” Prashad disclosed.

Some members of the Public Service Commission [Photo: DPI]

He noted that the discrepancies resulted in a dissatisfied Education Officer moving to the Public Service Appellate Tribunal (PSAT) to challenge the entire process.


“For the eight months that we were in office, not one of our decisions were challenged, not one went to the PSAT, and all of the decisions were unanimous,” he emphasised.

Prashad emphasised the critical role of human resources in driving the successful implementation of the 2024 Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP), noting that the recently launched website will help these efforts by ensuring timely staffing and ensuring resource allocation.”

“In the future, we see a vibrant collaboration between the PSC, ministries, and regions in which all parties are involved in the recruitment process by utilising the website. We encourage cooperation in the tracking and shortlisting of candidates, and promote an open and engaged culture,” he stated.

Prashad noted the charge given by President Dr. Irfaan Ali, for the commission to explore innovative approaches to improve service delivery to the people.  He stated that in response to this directive, the commission embarked on a mission to streamline processes and leverage technology for the benefit of all.

Prashad, Maurice Gajadhar, Melcita Bovell, Chandrawati Ramson, Mohandatt Goolsarran, and Janice Isabella Bowen were sworn in as commissioners of the Public Service Commission in July last year.


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