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“Public must cooperate with the Police” – Top Cop following scuffle between rank, taxi driver

A snippet of the police officer and the taxi driver

Following the altercation between a police rank and a taxi driver outside the New Amsterdam Town Council building earlier today, Commissioner of Police (ag.) Clifton Hicken has expressed his dismay with the incident.

On Tuesday, a video took Facebook by a storm after a police officer was seen trading punches with a civilian whom he was trying to arrest. The Top Cop said an investigation would be done with some degree of alacrity to mitigate this behaviour.

In fact, he appealed to the public to cooperate with the police and vice versa.

“The police does not and cannot operate in isolation, thus the need for partnership and cooperation between the Police and the public – one that should be premised on mutual trust and cooperation while exploring every avenue to maintain law and order in society,” Hicken posited.

The Top Cop revealed that the Police Force is working on postures and strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) aimed at ensuring that ranks are professional in the discharge of their duties, even in the face of harassment and intimidation from non-cooperating civilians.


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