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Psychological evaluation for man who fatally stabbed special needs teen; on remand for Murder

41 year old Lester La Fleur of Angoys Avenue, New Amsterdam who is accused of killing 15 year old Carlos Leung, a student of Timmers Dam Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam was remanded when he appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrates Court to answer a murder charge today.

He was not required to plead to the indictable offence when it was read to him by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh who ordered that he undergo a psychological evaluation.

The allegation is that on 21 December 2022, at Timmers Dam Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, he murder 15 year old Carlos Leung.

According to information received, the suspect went to the home of 26 year old Carl Singh at about 6:00 hours on the day in question and inquired about purchasing chicken.

As Singh approached the gate, the suspect pulled out a knife and dealt him several stabs to his back and left side abdomen. Luckily, Singh managed to escape.

While pursuing Singh, the suspect saw the 15 year old standing on a bridge and attacked and stabbed him to the chest before throwing him in a nearby trench.

Leung was taken to the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead while Singh was admitted. The suspect was later apprehended by the police and was also taken to the hospital.

Mother of the deceased, 53 year old Michelle Bess had told reporters that she sent her son to have his hair combed to attend his school party and he left the yard with his bicycle.

She said as he was on the bridge, she saw the suspect approach him and stab him to the chest. She recalled that she started to scream and ran to her son’s assistance but the suspect advanced towards her and she ran back into her yard.

The grieving woman told reporters, the suspect then pushed her son into a nearby trench and held him down under the water while stabbing him.

The suspect was then captured and beaten by persons from the community and then escorted by the police for medical attention. He received two lacerations to his right hand.

La Fleur will return to court on January 25, 2023.

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