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PSC and Coursera Inc. sign MOU to upskill locals, says will help fill gap on job market

Photo: Shervin Belgrave

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) and Coursera Inc on Thursday afternoon signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or what can be deemed a nationwide initiative with the goal of equipping Guyanese with the knowledge and skills needed for present and future job opportunities. These programmes will be offered in all ten Regions.

The type of programmes being offered under this initiative will be decided on after a survey is conducted to identify the skill gaps in the job market.

Chairwoman of the PSC Human Capital-Sub Committee, Luanna Persaud recognised this agreement as a significant venture for Guyana and noted that it is critical to build the human capacity.

Similar thoughts were shared by Chairman of the PSC, Paul Cheong who urged Guyanese to tap into this opportunity to prepare for the “new Guyana.”

Signing of the MOU (Photo: Shervin Belgrave)

“This brings an opportunity for everyone to upskill themselves, to develop themselves and prepare themselves for the new Guyana. I say new Guyana because Guyana is changing rapidly…we see the massive work going on around us and we as citizens of this country need to put our self in a place to optimise whatever benefit we can get through the contribution being making to our country’s development,” Cheong remarked.

Additionally he strongly believes that these programmes will help to promote local content since Guyana is relatively new to the oil and gas sector.

Meanwhile, Senior Advisor, Government Partnership, Coursera, Chad Pasha expressed joy over this partnership while assuring that Coursera will provide world class education to all Guyanese.

“Going forward the Private Sector Commission and Coursera will work in understanding the skills need and gap among the labour force […] Cross sectors initiative like this with the PSC which connects jobs seeker, educators and employers are key to addressing the scale and fast revolving nature of the job market both within Guyana and locally,” he said.

Apart from this partnership, Coursera has partnered with the Government of Guyana to also provide education to Guyanese. These programmes are free of cost and students are being taught at several internationally recognised Universities.

Looking to the future, both parties have expressed interest for future collaborations.

The MOU was signed by the PSC Chairman, Paul Cheong and Coursera’s Chad Pasha in the boardroom of the PSC. Several other officials were present to witness the event.


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