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Presidential Guard stabbed by Nigerian national regains consciousness

Presidential Guard, Telon Perreira

The Presidential Guard, Telon Perreira, who was stabbed five times about his body by the Nigerian national, who stormed State House, demanding the President has regained consciousness.

This was revealed by President Irfaan Ali during his opening address to the Georgetown Chambers of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) 33rd Annual Awards Presentation and Gala Dinner on Thursday night.

“...He regained consciousness, and I was pleased to speak to him directly, and his words to me were, ‘Sir, I am back to work with you tomorrow’,” the Head of State revealed.

According to President Ali, his determination and will to serve Guyana have been strengthened after Perreira spent most of Thursday undergoing surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The Head of State noted that these “incredible moments” in life allow one to reflect on humanity and human nature as a whole. Premised on this, he asked Guyanese to recommit themselves to serving the country.

“If yall of us renew our effort to serve this beautiful country selflessly, I assure you, we would not only be living in a country of great prosperity, but more importantly, we would be living in a country of great humanity.”

Pandemonium erupted at State House on Thursday morning at about 07:30h when Ikena Chinezie approached the President’s security detail at the southeastern guard hut adjacent to Carmichael Street and stated: "I want the President.”

Chinezie drew a knife from the waist of his pants and stabbed Perreira five times to his neck and about his body. He also relieved a rank who was part of the security detail of his firearm.

The Nigerian national drew the firearm, retreated to Carmichael Street, and fired several rounds. The security detail returned fire, injuring him.

A 9MM pistol and seven 9MM spent shells were retrieved from the scene. Chinezie, as well as Perreira, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention.

The Nigerian national is said to be in a critical condition in the institution’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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