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President urges UK investors to be more aggressive; says Chinese investors are showing more interest

Photo: Office of the President

President Irfaan Ali is currently in the United Kingdom engaging stakeholders on available opportunities locally.

The Head of State while addressing the Guyana Investment Forum on Tuesday highlighted that there has been little interest from the UK private sector as it relates to investing in Guyana.

He noted that there has been some debate about Chinese investors being favoured when it comes to securing a deal locally, this is not the case.

He explained that “their aggression is far different.”

Speaking about Guyana’s relationship with China, he noted that there continues to be a great partnership between the two countries and that Guyana welcomes investments.

President Ali also spoke of Guyana’s relationship with the European Union. However, he has questioned the motivation of our investors in light of Guyana’s new but flourishing oil and gas sector.

“We recently finalised financing for a new children and maternal hospital and those financing are coming from the EU at better terms than the Chinese.”

The children and maternal health care hospital is expected to provide world-class healthcare services to mothers and their children.

The Head of State told the investors also that Guyana’s economy has more to offer other than oil and gas.

Dr Ali pointed out the potential of Guyana’s tourism and hospitality, agriculture, construction, and health sectors.

The Head of State further seeks to draw investors’ interest to the emerging oil and gas opportunity by reiterating the commitment to reduce the cost of local energy by 50% by 2025.

With cheaper energy comes more affordability and accessibility to several goods and services.


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