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President to meet with Canje Creek ‘weed’ farmers to discuss development of hemp industry

President Ali arriving in Baracara, Canje Creek. [Photo: Office of the President]

President Irfaan Ali says he will be meeting with farmers of Baracara, Canje Creek, East Berbice, Region Six to discuss the development of the hemp industry using their already existing knowledge. The Government on Monday passed the ‘historic’ Industrial Hemp Bill in the National Assembly paving the way for the cultivation and development of the new industry. President Ali during a visit to Baracara, Canje Creek, East Berbice Region Six on Thursday, told residents of the tremendous benefits the industry holds for the country. He said hemp is crucial to the pharmaceutical, construction and other sectors, which have greater returns than any other crop in that field. Hemp comes from the same family as cannabis but contains 0.3% or less of THC content while cannabis has more than 0.3% of THC. Cannabis with more than 0.3% of THC can make a person high while hemp cannot. Dr Ali said he would return to the community to have a talk with farmers who are involved in other fields of the same crop. “We are gonna come back in the community and I want a closed door meeting. We will have all these people here. I want a closed meeting with all those persons who today are planting things that they have to hide and do because it’s against the law.” The Head of state assured that he is a president that is a ‘realist’ and not a bluff and these farmers must use their already existing knowledge to develop an industry that holds massive benefits for community development. “You guys have shown that you have tremendous ability in getting high yield and high production, we just have to use that existing knowledge in an area that will be within the boundaries of the law and will give you the type of return that will help you to uplift your community and family.

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