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President says his government ‘above board’ – calls out Vice News for being sensational

President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Thursday, defended his Government against recent accusations of questionable dealings with foreign investors, describing it as above board.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali

The Head-of-State was at the time responding to a reporter who asked if he was going to defend the Government following accusations made about his administration during a recent interview with Vice News. At the time of the contentious interview, the Irfaan Ali led administration was being represented by Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo. Since the upload of the interview Dr. Jagdeo has been the subject of scrutiny.

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

During the interview Dr. Jagdeo was questioned about his dealings with a specific Chinese Businessman.

“Of course, my Government is above board, but I’m just saying this is sensational, people are just doing things for sensational headlines,”

the President said.

President Ali further denied any claims of corruption regarding the changing of laws to benefit specific business individuals, noting that there is a process that has to be followed for changes to be made to the constitution.

However, President Ali is now wary of the Vice News Journalist’s intentions which appeared to be singular. He adds that the intelligence gathered thus far indicates this is the case.

“I heard that the Reporter had certain special interests, this reporter, who had a special interest was managed by a special group. That is information that people call me about and I want this reporter to respond, whether indeed this is true”,

the President said.

Meanwhile, Businessman Su Zhi Rong has publicly denied the allegation made by Vice News and noted that he is engaging his legal representatives on the issue.

The Chinese Embassy in Guyana has since condemned the allegations made by Vice News.


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