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President proposes ‘digital ticketing, performance-based incentive’ for a reliable police force

To improve public trust and confidence in the Guyana Police Force, Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and President Dr Irfaan Ali have proposed initiatives that can "repurpose" and "rebuild" a reliable force.

President Dr Irfaan Ali.

This year’s conference is held under the theme "Promoting Improvement of Public Trust and Confidence, Maintaining Safety and Security through Competence, Professionalism and Partnership."

The Head-of-state revealed that he has instructed the Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn to come up with a policy that can reward ranks for their performance.

This mechanism has helped the image of law enforcement agencies in other countries.

“There must be a mechanism in which emolument is affected other than promotion, so I’ve asked that we develop an incentive-performance-based system and this must be supported on a mechanism or a platform of a highly trained committed police force,'' Dr Ali said.

He also revealed that the Government is pursuing a path for the development of a police academy. “Not only for Guyana but a regional police academy and we are in detailed discussions with many of our development partners in the developed world and in the developing world also.”

In addition, Dr Ali urged the force to become a digitalised, modern force. He said the Government is engaging with the Guyana Revenue Authority to build a digital platform for ticketing.

The President said, “We’re going to incorporate this feature, where we can move towards digital ticketing and recognition in terms of speeding, seat belt violation and that system must be automatically linked to the suspension of licences.”

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