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President commits to fixing issues at Mocha Primary School

Residents at the outreach held on Sunday.

Students and teachers of Mocha Arcadia Primary School will benefit from several interventions from the government following an outreach led by President Irfaan Ali on Sunday to the community.

A teacher attached to the Mocha Arcadia Primary School, East Bank Demerara (EBD), complained of the community school’s lack of fans and space, coupled with the inoperable internet service.

President Ali assured the teachers that the fans would be delivered and a team from the Office of the Prime Minister would be visiting the school to rectify the internet problem.

“The cramped classrooms, we are gonna ask the Minister of Education (Priya Manickchand) to send her team in to see what is the size of the classroom, and how bad the situation is, and then we are gonna make the necessary budgetary provision to have the school extended or modified,” the Head of State said when addressing the cramped class situation.

In addition, two flat-screen TVs will be provided to the Primary School as the teachers aim for a more technology-oriented approach to learning.

“We are gonna work on having at least two available to you before the end of the month,” he posited.

The teacher also complained about the school not being wheelchair friendly, and President Ali committed to having the issue rectified within the quickest time possible.

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