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President Ali defends appointment of Hicken as new top cop

Before the announcement of Clifton Hicken’s appointment as the new Commissioner of Police (Ag) by President Dr Irfaan Ali, the People National Congress Reform (PNCR) issued a statement saying that the appointment is illegal.

The PNCR explained that this appointment is illegal as “the Commissioner of Police and every Deputy Commissioner of Police shall be appointed by the President acting after meaningful consultation with the Leader of the Opposition and the Chairperson of the Police Service Commission after the Chairperson has consulted with the other member of the Commission.’’

There is currently no leader of the Opposition and despite that, the party has threatened court action against this decision.

However, President Dr Irfaan Ali on Monday at the sidelines of an event defended the appointment.

“There is something called the doctrine of necessity, should I allow the country to function without an acting commissioner? It’s a doctrine of necessity and in the doctrine of necessity I appointed an acting commissioner.”

When questions were raised as to why Deputy Commissioner of Police, Paul Williams was not appointed to the post, the Head of State repeatedly responded with the question “Why not Hicken?”

Dr Ali maintains that Hicken possesses all the qualities of a top cop which makes him the fit person for the job.

The appointment takes effect from Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Hicken is replacing Nigel Hoppie who held the position for over a year. Hoppie has proceeded on pre-retirement leave.

Hicken functioned as Commander of A’ Division (Georgetown) and ‘B’ Division (Berbice) before his appointment and has become a household name over time.

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