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President Ali announces 8% retroactive salary increase for public servants

President Irfaan Ali on Thursday announced an eight percent salary increase for public servants, which would be retroactive from January 2, 2022.

During an address to the nation, the Head of State noted that work would start immediately to ensure that this increase is processed and paid to eligible employees with their December salary.

“I have instructed that options be identified for adjustment to the salaries paid to a number of specific categories of public sector employees,” President Ali said.

He added, “These include, in the first phase, ranks of the Police Force, Prison Service, and Fire Service.”

Moreover, President Ali said a similar exercise is being conducted, and recommendations are being made about specific categories of employees in our public healthcare system, including nurses, interns, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

“In relation to these categories of employees, I am planning to make a more detailed announcement during the course of next week,” President Ali posited.

To this end, he said the government remains resolutely committed to ensuring that the lives of all Guyanese are improved steadily and in a tangible and demonstrable manner as we work towards realising “national prosperity.”

Moreover, President Ali underscored the measures his administration would have implemented since assuming office to improve disposable incomes for public sector employees.

Among some of the measures he mentioned included the payment of a 7 percent across-the-board increase in 2021, which the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is seeking to have declared unlawful due to the President’s absence of consultation.


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