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President Ali announces $6.93M for One Guyana artistes

Some "One Guyana" creatives at an engagement earlier this year (Photo: OP)

Head of State Dr. Irfaan Ali has announced increased payments for “One Guyana” artistes, while hinting at further plans to help Guyana’s artistes get to regional and global stages.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali engaged the 89 artistes who performed at this year’s “One Guyana” Cricket Carnival at the State House, where he praised their exceptional displays of talent.

While addressing the artistes, he announced that he will double their payment, in an effort to further support local talent.

“I want to double what you get. The Government is putting a further 6.9 million dollars so that you will get again a further 100,000 to 300,000. Some people will get 600,000 and the lowest person will now get 200,000 including the 100,00 they got before.”

Approximately $6.9 million was the net profit from the Concert events held during the Cricket Carnival.

President Ali highlighted the success of the Carnival events, emphasising that artistes used their talent to display the diverse culture of Guyana and bring all people together.

In efforts to further foster the development of Guyana’s creatives, President Ali signaled intentions to boosts Guyana’s talent to bigger stages beyond Guyana’s borders.

“Our talent might still be raw and fresh in many ways, but we never and will never lack in the capacity and capability to make it on any stage. And I intend to invest in the talent that we have to make it regional and global.”

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