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Pres. Ali says prosperity is coming for every worker, but patience is required

President Dr. Irfaan Ali, flanked by Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret'd) Mark Phillips, Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Jr. and top brass of the disciplined forces. [Photo: Office of the President/ February 22, 2024]

In his address to the nation to usher in Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary, President Dr. Irfaan Ali assured the nation’s workforce, including teachers, that prosperity “will come” but would require time, patience, and sacrifices.

His statement comes amid a three-week-old teachers’ strike and when the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is preparing to launch an industrial action if the government fails to meet the Union at the bargaining table by February 24, 2024.

“I am the product of two teachers. I proudly stand as President of this Republic from a family and community of teachers. I have thousands of friends who are teachers, but most importantly, I am the President of all our teachers and all of Guyana.

My commitment to every worker of this country – to every citizen of this country—is that prosperity will come, but it will take time and patience, and it will take sacrifices.”

The flag-raising ceremony for Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary. [Photo: Office of the President/ February 23, 2024]

The President outlined his vision for the future, highlighting the expansion of the economy and improvements in working conditions for all citizens, including farmers.

“This is the commitment of the People's Progressive Party Civic government. And, this is my commitment to the people of this country,” the Head of State affirmed.

Reflecting on his administration’s performance, President Ali expressed confidence in fulfilling the commitments made to the Guyanese people since taking office.


“Now, we are working beyond those commitments because we recognise the hard work, we recognise the strength of character and that you, the beautiful people of this country, are giving your pound of flesh for the prosperity of our country. We shall work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that prosperity comes to every Guyanese family,” President Ali declared.



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