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Poor tax collection in Mon Repos/Le Reconnaissance NDC for 2022 – Chairman

Chairman of the Mon Repos/Le Reconnaissance NDC Ayu Mohamed has revealed that the Council is challenged by the poor collection of tax in communities in their constituency.

He said there is an excess of $64M in arrears and if taxes are not paid in 2022, that amount would increase to about $80M.

According to Mohamed, the council has only been able to collect 42% of the taxes in 2022.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we found that during the pandemic, people weren’t paying and so on. But we didn’t go too harsh on them because we realised that there were challenges being faced by our residents because of the pandemic.”

“However, the pandemic is not totally gone but it eased quite a lot and we are hoping that the tax collection would be picked up, it’s picked up a little bit but not to the best,” the Chairman stated.

Notices and reminders have been sent to residents to urge them to pay their taxes.

Mohamed said he does not intend to carry residents before the courts, but, “If push comes to shove, we definitely have to seek some legal redress in terms of collection of taxes.”


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