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Police, robbery suspects exchange gunfire at La Grange

Police ranks in Region Three and three robbery suspects on Tuesday opened fire at each other at La Grange Public Road, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) said that three identifiable males, one of whom was armed with a gun, allegedly robbed a 41-year-old man of John Street Campbellville, Georgetown, on Tuesday at about 23:20h at La Grange Public Road, WBD.

The robbery report was made, and law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene and intercepted a grey fielder wagon.

Upon approaching the vehicle, one of the occupants discharged a round at the police vehicle, prompting the ranks to return fire.

Consequently, the ranks captured one of the suspects, while the other two escaped on foot.

The suspect of La Parfaite Harmonie was arrested and taken into custody, along with the vehicle at the Wales Police Station. Investigations are ongoing.


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