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PNCR says continuous registration will not stop party from ensuring clean voters’ list

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) began continuous registration on Monday last and the PNCR during their weekly press conference on Tuesday says it is not in favour of this process.

However, the party posited that they will support the process because they keep the people interest at heart.

PNCR Member -Shurwayne Holder

The party said it will not let this registration exercise “thwart the party’s effort to ensure a clean voter’s list.”

When asked on what basis the party will determine that the process is fair PNCR Member Shurwayne Holder said “we are still working it out we have our commissioner engaged at GECOM, we’ve engaged our commissioner...We do not agree with the process and we will be putting out in a subsequent media release but as it is now we will be taking part now.”

The opposition party said it has mechanisms in place to monitor the process, however, they still expect GECOM to ensure that the registration is conducted in all regions to the satisfaction of all applicants.

The PNCR also expressed its dissatisfaction with the operations of the General Registrar’s Office.

They said that there are complaints that suggest malpractices are causing the processing of birth, death, and other certificates to be unduly prolonged and frustrating.


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